Errata: Monster Evasion, Critical Hits

Hey everyone. Small update to Dungeoneering regarding Combat, specifically Monster Evasion and Critical Hits:

  • Previously, when a character attacked a Monster, they needed to (1) succeed on their attack by rolling a d6 and comparing to their Might or Agility mod and then (2) succeed on getting lower than the monster’s evasion.
  • This is redundant when a monster’s evasion is lower than a character’s Might or Agility mod and can result in awkward situations where a character succeeds on their own check but fails to get lower than the monster’s evasion.

The new rules for Monster Evasion read as follows:

Evasion: This is the monsters evasion score, which is the lowest number a character can roll to hit. For example, a goblin has 2 evasion and is being attacked by a Warrior with Might mod 5. If the Warrior rolls a result between 2 and 5, the attack is successful. If an attack roll matches the evasion of a monster, it’s a critical hit (deals an extra d6 damage).

You may also notice that last line regarding critical hits. I’ve since realized that Dungeoneering only has critical failure rules and is missing critical hit rules. So I added in that if you match the monster’s evasion on an attack roll, it’s a critical hit.

So, TL;DR: A character wants to roll under their mod for the attack but equal to or over the monsters evasion.

Note: The Dungeoneering Core Rules PDF reflects the new rules change.

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